Watch earth from Moon and what you see is 2.2 Billion Christians and 1.8* Muslims. With both fighting for dominance on political grounds the battle continues on theological aspects as well. Islam has always been a challenge to Christianity differing with Christianity on key issues and at the same time having countless similarities to it. As the world population grows these two faiths continue shaping the masses. Here are we with a series of debates on some very important issues that will help us bring forth the perspective of both the sides as Saaib Ahmed and Melanie Zens present their views on the following topics one by one.

1. Is Jesus God?
2. Is Muhammad (saw) prophet of God?
3. Is the Bible God's word?
4. Is the Quran God's word?
5. Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Debating format for each topic:

1. Opening statement by P1. (1500 Words)
2. Opening statement and rebuttal by P2. (2500 Words)
3. Counter rebuttal by P1. (2000 Words)
4. Response by P2. (3000 Words)
5. Response by P1. (2000 Words)
6. Conclusions published same date. (1500 words).

Introducing the debaters:

Melanie Zens is a non-denominational Christian. She has been a Christian for more than a decade now and for the same time she has been studying religion also. She is researching Quran also and the best part of it is that she is learning Arabic to comprehend and memorise Quran properly. She is also learning Greek which she requires for NT studies. She is not a staunch critique of Islam or its prophet. She takes a moderate approach between two extremes. She believes that Jesus came to earth in a human body, his human body was killed, and Jesus himself as a spirit went to sheol. He then rose back into his body and sent his disciples out to preach the Gospel to the whole world and then he ascended into heaven. She believes God created people for the purpose of serving, worshiping, and personally coming to know him.

It is an honour for us to have Melanie Zens with us for this series of debates.

Introducing Shah Saaib Ahmed Rabbani. Saaib Ahmed is an experienced debater having countless informal debates and tens of formal debates under his name. This is Saaib Ahmed's 6th formal debate with a Christian. Out of these, 5 yeilded no results because the Christian side pulled out in the middle of the debate. We hope this doesn't happen this time around. Saaib Ahmed has authored many articles on Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Atheism and Politics/History. As far as faith is concerned Saaib Ahmed is a Muslim following Hanafi fiqh. Saaib is a pro-freedom Kashmiri.

The topics chosen may seem sensitive and the things spoken might hurt the sentiments of the reader but the purpose of this series is not hurting the sentiments but to present a viewpoint. We expect the audience to be mature. Through this debate we only plan to increase curiosity in the reader to search for his existence in the world.

Looking forward to an awesum debate.

Follow the debate at Exploring Faiths Organistaion or simply join Shah Saaib Ahmed Rabbani or follow this blog.

Debate 1.


Melanie Zens' Opening Statement is available HERE.
Saaib Ahmed's Opening Statement is available HERE.
Melanie Zens' Rebuttal is available HERE.
Saaib Ahmed's Rebuttal is available HERE.
Melanie Zens' Rebuttal is available HERE.

*Figures Debatable
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4 Response to "Islam and Christianity. Saaib Ahmed vs Melanie Zens."

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Jesus didn't want to be called God in :
    Mathew 7:21
    Mark 10:18

    Posted on 23 July 2012 at 21:30

  2. Anonymous Said,


    Posted on 23 July 2012 at 23:22

  3. Anonymous Said,

    I know,even some christian friends of mine didn't think that Jesus is God.God doesn't take human form,and He doesn't eat,doesn't I'm kinda confused with these people who have a thought that Jesus is God.
    70% in bible is being corrupted by this man named Paul and even luke and Him were never met Jesus.Paul was just a roman agent,so whatever cesar constantine said he must obeys it and changed the most part in bible for his ambitions and politics...and luke who wrote Acts was paul's personal doctor.

    Posted on 24 July 2012 at 18:38

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