The day has come and we are ready for the debate. The publishing of opening statements has started (links available in the middle of this paper)

"The Origin of Quran. Its transmission, compilation, corruption/preservation and current status". 


The debate will be hosted jointly by Exploring Faiths Organization (THIS BLOG) and the group "Religion, philosophy, let us talk about it" ( and Islamic Perimeter ( The debate will be published on and in the group mentioned above and also on the website http;//

Introducing the debaters:

1. Mr. Shakoor Saafir: is a French Muslim of American origin. He engages in discussions with Atheists and Christians and has some articles under his name mainly dealing with Islamism and Zionism.

2. Mr. Ninad Gaikwad: is a 19 year old student of computer science. He is an atheist. He possesses profound knowledge on Quraan and Sunnah. As an atheist he is strictly pro science, and anti dogma. He was the participator of the first debate in the Forum "Religion, Philosophy, Let's talk about it" with Shah Saaib Ahmed Rabbani on the topic "What is better for the society, Shariah or the current social order?". We are honored to invite him again for the second debate.

3. Mr. Kurien Varghese: A believer and a Christian. He is also a strong critique of Islam. In the current debate his participation is momentous, as he strongly suggests that it is the Qura’nic verses that are the root of all evil.

4. Mr. Mushafiq Sultan: A very distinguished personality. He is the founder and lead administrator of the very famous "Islam and Hinduism Initiative" which deals with comparative religion, mainly in Hindu-Muslim polemics. He is a columnist. One of his important works is on "Textual Criticism of Vedas". Mr. Mushafiq is a Kashmiri Muslim who has done his bachelors in Humanities.

5. Mr. Dave Mark Rowlands: A British atheist and a humanist.

6. Mr. Saaib Ahmed: is a 20 year old medical student. An experienced debater, debating in diverse fields, he has debated many Christian apologists and critiques of Islam. Saaib Ahmed is the founder of Exploring Faiths Organization. Writer of several articles on Islam and Comparative religion and known to his audience for his criticism of Christianity, "Textual Criticism of Quran" is his favorite topic.

The format:

1. All opening statements published on 19th of June (TODAY).... (Word limit: 2500)

Mr. Shakoor's Opening Statement is available HERE.
Mr. Dave Mark Rowlan's Opening Statement is available HERE.
Mr. Kurein Varghese's Opening Statement is available HERE.
Mr. Mushafiq Sultan's Opening Statement is available HERE.
Mr. Ninad Gaikwad's Opening Statement is available HERE.
Mr. Saaib Ahmed's Opening Statement is available HERE.

2. All responses will be published on 24 of June.... (WL; 3000)

Mr. Shakoor's Rebuttal is available HERE.
Mr. Dave Mark Rowlan's Rebuttal  is available HERE.
Mr. Kurein Varghese's Rebuttal   is available HERE.
Mr. Mushafiq Sultan's Rebuttal  is available HERE.
Mr. Ninad Gaikwad's Rebuttal  is available HERE.
Mr. Saaib Ahmed's Rebuttal  is available HERE.

3. Counter responses will be published on 28th of June... (WL: 3000)

4. Final responses will be published on 1st of July... (WL: 3000)

5. Two conclusion papers, one from each side will be published on 4th of July.... (wl: 5000)

For the debaters:

Those critical of Quran (Atheists and Christians) will submit their papers on or before the due dates to moderator Opus Obscure or Abhi Guggar.

Those defending the Quran (i.e the Muslims) will submit their papers to Saaib Ahmed on or before the due dates.

The moderators will publish the papers in following sequence on same day with gap not less than half an hour between two successive papers.

1. Mr. Shakoor 2. Mr. Dave 3. Mr. Mushafiq Sultan 4. Mr. Kurien 5. Mr. Ninad Gaikwad 6. Mr. Saaib Ahmed

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3 Response to "The Origins of the Quran. Transmission, compilation, corruption/preservation and current status. Introduction."

  1. Anonymous Said,

    This is very goodas this debate will really provide people with an insight of there religion and widen people's perception on their religion. Thank you for organising this debate and God bless you all.

    Posted on 19 June 2012 at 12:17

  2. Anonymous Said,

    This is a very paramount measure taken, it will go a long way in healing the world of the irresistable ailments and sanctifications of our faiths.. Masha'Allah!

    Posted on 21 June 2012 at 22:51

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Where are the concluding papers?

    Posted on 11 August 2012 at 13:58


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