Monotheism(tawheed) : Logical and Rational

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[In The Name of God, the most beneficient, the most merciful]

After Proving Existence of God, I'm moving on to substantiate 'Monotheism' or 'Tawheed' which certainly is core of islamic theology. 


Theism, the belief that there is ATLEAST One God/deity has various sects within it, few dominant sects are Monotheism, Polytheism, monism. The Word 'Monothiesm' is dervied from two words - 'Mono' and 'Theism', the word 'THEISM' is derived from a greek word 'THEOS' meaning 'GOD', hence 'Monothiesm' is defined as belief in ONE GOD on the very contrary 'Polythiesm' is belief in more than one God, while monism is a deviant and erroneous form of monotheism, it is what i call belief in one God in disguise as it asserts that the One God has several manifestations in different or human form which is no doubt an    irrational belief.



Existence Of God : Myth Or Rational?

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[In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful]

'Existence of God', the fundamental creed of all major religions including Islam has been severely attacked by so-called "rational" and "scientific" persons. Most of them either try to justify their stance either by cooking up feeble cosmological theories such as multiverse, oscillating universe et. al or by resorting to self contradicting philosophy of 'scienticism'. Just a copule of days back I came across an interesting news that modern 'prophet' of atheism 'Richard Dawkins' admits that he is not an atheist, rather an agnostic after he was caught skating on a thin ice of atheism. (Daily mail news). Desperate atheist and their comic-relief tactics!

Besides these "rational" persons, there are 'n' no. of folks who are believer just because they have such a family background though possess some queries and doubts regardinig existence of a God. Therefore, this article is aimed to prove existence of God, debunk usual polemics of atheist and answer some usual contentions of skeptics and their likes.

Although, science has its own limitation and its a dynamic field, i’ll try my best to deduce the creed of Existence Of God‘.