Why didn't God preserve the previous books

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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

In this note of mine. I have plagiarised a large part from Deedat's books.

Our thinking, our level of grasping, our level of comprehension changes. It gets better and better. You could never have made a man in david's time understand what facebooking is. Similarly god didn't feel fit for human beings the book we have today. The glorious quran wasn't sent before because of the level to which humans had reached.. The Torah and the gospels were sent before it for the particular periods of time and for a particular people. The question arises why didn't God guard them. He did guard them, but what he guarded was their message. If you are a muslim you believe that each prophet of god brought the same message. So when Abraham's message was getting weak, god preserved it with torah, similarly its message was preserved in psalms and its message was preserved in gospels and gospels are preserved in quran. No corruption here. Now the problem is that what you call torah is not the muslim tawraat and what you call psalms are not the muslim zaboor and neither are what we call gospels the ingeel. This might seem a new concept to you, let me explain it further.

You can easily notice if you read the bible that Moses, David and Jesus never made attempts to write down the books. Torah was revealed to moses, but moses never wrote it down and if he did we don't have them and what we have are not his books. I will explain this thing also. Similarly jesus never made and attemp for someone to write down the gospel, gospel was revealed to jesus, jesus didn't write them, and if he did we don't have them and what we have are not his.
The torah, five books of moses, which we have today. There are more than 700 statements which prove not only that god did not author these books, but even moses himself had no hand in them. Open these books at random and you will see:
"and the lord said unto him, away, get thee..."
"and moses said unto the lord, the people cannot..."
"and lord said unto moses, go on before..."
"and the lord spake unto moses, saying..."
On and on and on 700 times.
It is manifest and apparent that these are neither the words of god nor of moses. They indicate rather prove that the voice is of a third person. Could moses have been the contributor to his own obituary before demise. No, these books are not written by moses nor when he lived and what we believe is that torah was revealed to him not after him.

What about the new testament.... Same as above. These are not the gospels we are talking about. Gospels were revealed to jesus and what we want is gospel of jesus and what you give us is mathew mark luke and john who were not writting it in jesus' supervision nor in anybody's. They did it personally and later paul crept in and made them inspired... That would be a different topic to discuss. Why does every gospel begin with the "gospel according to ..."
Now that we don't have jesus' gospel, the fact is that we don't even have mathew's.. Even internal evidence proves that matthew was not the author of the first gospel which bears his name
"And as jesus passed forth thence, he say a man named MATHEW"
How could mathew have written it. The verse continues, "... Sitting at the receipt of custom: and he (jesus) saith unto him (mathew)..." how could have mathew written it. The verse verse continues "... Follow me and he (mathew) arose..." how could mathew have written it. Without any stretch of the imagination, one can see that the "He's" and the "him's" of the above narration do not refer to jesus or mathew as its author, but some third person writting. It has been written by anonymous hand.

What about luke. He tells us plainly that he was only following in the footsteps of others who were LESS QUALIFIED than himself. As a physician, as against fisherman and tax collectors, he was no doubt better equipped to create a gospel. This he did, because "IT SEEMED GOOD TO ME ALSO" to "PUT IN ORDER". This means that luke didn't actually write luke, he just carefully compared and edited existing material.

Now what about gospel of john. Neither god nor john is its author. See what "he" says about it "himself" in john 19:35 and 21:24,25. Who is his "he" and "his" and "this" and his "we know" and "i suppose". Could it be the fickle one who left him in the lurch in the garden, when he was most in need, or the fourteenth man at the table, at the "last supper", the one that "jesus loved". Both were johns. Neither of these two was the author of this gospel. That it was the product of anonymous hand, is crystal clear...

Now one may ask that if torah is not torah and gospels are not injeel, then how come Muhammad pbuh is prophesised in them or you prove different things from them. The reason is that we muslims have no hesitation in acknowledging that in the bible, there are words of God also. Not that the words were revealed to the one who authored them. But that the author got them from somewhere, either by his memory or by copying of through tradition.
E.g. "I will raise them up a prophet..."
"I, even I, am the lord, and beside ME there is no saviour"
"Look unto Me, and ye be saved..."

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