The work done so far

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بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

Alhamdu-lillah, it has almost been a month since we decided to make an Answering Page and a Blog to the so called Pyem Ministry.. Throughout this time we have been trying to answer Pyem's accusations against our religion. I don't know was this a successful month or not, but I can surely say that we tried our level best. It has been a long time since I (S.S.Ahmed Rabbani), together with many others have been in direct confrontation with Pyem Ministry. First confrontation, Ano"WAR"ul Sageer walks away, Result - Posts removed... Second one, Result - Post removed...
Third one - Post removed... Fourth one - "SAAIB REMOVED"... This has been the case with most of the Muslim commentators... Nevertheless we have still been trying to answer... 

I have been working together with many others in developing this blog while the administrators of our page "Answering Pyem" are Abdullah Islam, Nazrah El Husna, Abdul Fatirand S.S.Ahmed Rabbani.. 

Ano'WAR'ul Sageer without any basis keeps on flying in the air and boating about his new "RESEARCHES" on subjects of Islam which he hardly knows. Pretending to be an ex-muslim, he tries to have a psychological advantage over others but the very fact of the way he talks and articles like Jesus Is God according to Qura'an, and many others have proved again and again that he is not from a Muslim background. With his anti-Islamic hate page "Pyem Ministry" he has come under criticism form almost every peace loving person.. With "Yousuf Salini"(A Christian) calling him  an attacker rather than a defender well accepts the fact A-Pyem has given a considerable halt to PYEM.. With many others calling him a "HOMO-SEXUAL" or "GAY", there are people which consider this character of his a reason for him leaving Islam..

In his mission statement on his facebook page PYEM has it written that he wants to "Peacefully put an end to the cult of death and help the estimated 1.5 billion muslims in the world leave Islam safely and securely, and then help them accept the true one and only God"

And what he calls peace is known to all and below are a few examples of his "PEACEFUL MISSION"

Our page is not a "BIBLE CLASSROOM" that we would use such a language in public(exceptions possible), but his page is directly inspired from what I personally call "PYEM International Version of Whory Bible"

Without discussing it further more, let me make it public the discussions, debates and progress so far:

1. Pyem gave out a "challenge" on 23nd of Feb, 2011, in which he promised to pay $20,000 to the one who refutes his claims (which he hasn't payed yet). Many enthusiastic Muslims answered him and refuted his claims, but he had a nice way out "WE WANT AN OFFICIAL REPLY"...
The challenge was given out on:
And we gave our "OFFICIAL REPLY" within one day i.e on 24 Feb, 2011

We gave our official reply and "PYEM" was fast enough to reply "I WILL REPLY TO THIS SOON"
When did he post this: "24 Feb, 16:55" 

Since then "NO REPLY"

To save his "$20,000" he gave an "OFFICIAL RESPONSE" to an "UNOFFICIAL RESPONSE" given by some "XYZ"

The question remains unanswered..

But Now he has given some kind of response to it, feeling the difficulty to produce any response to our reply what PYEM did has now been put on his website;



2. On the same day when we gave our official response to Pyem's so called "$20,000" challenge, we gave out another challenge "WAS JESUS REALLY A BASTARD?"

PYEM didn't have guts to reply to our challenge and the fact is that he didn't even reply.
Challenge was out on "23 Feb" and we were waiting for any kind of response upto "Feb 27"
After a hell of humiliation one of our "BORN-AGAIN" Christians (Yousaf Salini) gave a response..
And the mockery is "PYEM made it his official reply"
It took him 4 days to "CUT COPY PASTE" and before he could make it his official reply we had already given our response Available here

We gave our "OFFICIAL RESPONSE" to an "UNOFFICIAL RESPONSE" within hours, from then till now "NO REPLY" from Pyem. 

And he writes in his post,"So? What do you think? Please feel free to let us know your opinion. Who won? Who lost? :-D"

The question remains unanswered.
You can see the date...
Till now "NO REPLY"

4. After this much of humiliation PYEM took an out of context screenshot of my personal chat with Yousaf Salini and made a public propaganda, to which we replied within hours and the reply is available here.

From then till now,"NO REPLY"

5. On 28 Feb, 2011 we posted an article named Guidance or a Horrible Porn Movie? [Rated XXX - No Kids Please]

From then till now, "NO REPLY"

6. On 28 Feb, 2010 instead of giving reply to our article they posted a new one named "THE TEMPTATION OF CHRIST:A PROOF OF HIS DEITY"
To this very article of his we replied within a few hours (Available Here)

From then till now, "NO REPLY"

7. On the same day we published another article in response to Pyem's status on facebook page about prophet of Islam recommending camel urine, and for the first time Pyem gave some sort of response.. He had no guts to produce a post on his webpage but what he did was commenting a short "CUT COPY PASTE" under our post. To which we replied and "UPDATED" the same article under the name [Update] PYEM eats animal dung!

From then till now,"NO REPLY"

8. We posted another article named "WHY DOES SAAIB USE THE SENTENCE 'GO AND HAVE A LAUGH AT YOURSELVES", on 1 March, 2011... We were not expecting any reply and neither did we get any....

9. On 2 March (Instead of replying to our article), PYEM published an article named "IS IT TRUE THAT IF A PERSON DOES NOT SAY 'BISMILLAH' BEFORE HAVING INTERCOURSE, THE SHAYTAAN SHARES WITH HIM IN THAT".. The article is still available on his "WEBSITE"..

To this very "CUT COPY PASTE" we gave our reply within hours, and the reply is available here..

From then till now,"NO REPLY"

10. Having nothing to discuss on their facebook page Pyem chose to discuss their saviour "PEDOPHILIA" on their status update.. Having noticed it we published an article named "CHRISTIANITY PROMOTES PEDOPHILIA" on the same day when we had published the previous article i.e 2 March,2011..

From then till now,"NO REPLY" 

11. In continuation of our previous article we published sequel to it under the heading "CHRISTIANITY PROMOTES RAPE AND MOLESTATION OF WOMEN" on 2 March, 2011.. 

As usual,"NO REPLY"

12. Out of ignorance Pyem published their new "CUT COPY PASTE" by the name "JESUS IS GOD ACCORDING TO MUHAMMAD'S OWN QURA'AN!" on 4 March 2011..

As usual we replied to this crap within hours and the reply is available here.

From then till now,"NO REPLY"

13. After this one we published two more articles not expecting any reply, and the reality is that  we didn't get any replies..

14. On 8 March, 2010 Pyem gave out their new "CUT COPY PASTE" titled "Sir Winston Churchill's speech on Islam" in which he had taken a paragraph from Churchill's book "THE RIVER WAR" in which he with due respect to his own religion criticizes Islam..

There wasn't any need to reply this "CUT COPY PASTE", but we still gave out one under the title "REPLY TO PYEM'S NEW 'CUT COPY PASTE' FROM CHURCHIL'S BOOK 'THE RIVER WAR"

From then till now."NO REPLY"

15. Not feeling insulted Pyem produced yet another "CUT COPY PASTE" under the title "DOES GOD LOVE SATAN (ALLAH)? ABSOLUTELY NO!"

This article had nothing to do with Islam but by equating SATAN = ALLAH in the title he indirectly wanted us to reply and we did reply to it producing the sequel to the previously published article "GO AND HAVE A LAUGH AT YOURSELVES".. The reply is available here..

As usual Pyem didn't have any response to it, but after doing a lot of "HARD-WORK" for "FIVE" big days he did a reply... 
The reply was as long as 2 sentences
Look at the scholarly reply
you can sense the difficulty and that is the reason for 
And to be frank enough
WE DON't expect any
"FOr truth has come and falsehood perished, as falsehood is by its nature bound to perish"
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  1. Anonymous Said,

    of course
    u said the truth.
    and say: "Truth has (now) arrived, and Falsehood perished: for Falsehood is (by its nature) bound to perish."
    Noble Quran 17:81

    Posted on 16 March 2011 at 08:12

  2. s60v3 Said,

    Well written bhai!! Loved it..

    Posted on 27 June 2011 at 23:43

  3. Anonymous Said,

    All of you internet apologists are scam artists. I've seen you pull bullsh!t too.

    Posted on 29 August 2011 at 22:49


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